In the year 2011, GLEN commenced the operation of Thin Wall Containers with a production capability of 80 MT/month running at medium capacity. The most advanced technology, machinery, and tools were imported from Japan and South Korea. Ever since GLEN has become a name to reckon with in India. With constant up-gradation of technology, our capacity currently stands at 600 MT/month running at full capacity.

Biodegradable and Compostable products like PLA, Paper, Straw, and Paper food packaging range are also in GLEN’S bucket. Presently we are producing 50 MT/month, which shall increase to 250 MT/ month by the middle of 2022.

A highly skilled workforce in combination with a dynamic and experienced technical team ensures steady round-the-clock performance. Strict adherence to international hygiene standards, Quality Control measures, and the ability to meet the buyer’s every requirement has made the company overcome competition and gain the confidence of its customers. As all operations are under one roof, the prices offered by GLEN are unbeatable.

The World is changing and to thrive as a business over the next 10 years we have to plan and prepare for the future. This is our vision till 2030 and we have developed a roadmap our long-term destination.


  • Our roadmap starts with a mission that declares our purpose as a company and acts as a standard.
  • To produce and provide Reliable, yet simple and Quality products.
  • To maximize customer satisfaction.





  • Make Glen a strong global brand
  • Always keep customers at the forefront.
  • Maximize long-term returns to shareholders and future investors.
  • Be a responsible, highly effective, and fast-moving organization.
  • All these above goals are outlined keeping in mind our core values.



What we do, we do well


Customer needs and requirements will always be our priority.


Our employees are treated with great respect.


Of our customers and shareholder is of utmost importance.


Always try to maintain our high benchmark of corporate ethics.